Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Finish Offs

I was working diligently on my Lavender Dreams handbag from Angela's Blog, but I miscalculated the amount of yarn I would need, and am debating frogging it for a different, self created design, so I don't have that to show you. But with this decision, I did have the chance to work on some other projects with the needles that the bag were on.

I bring to you Brooklin, my baby niece, here she is shown at 14 months at my wedding.

Now, she is almost 2, and Easter falls on her birthday. So I have made her a cute birthday and Easter hat.

This adorable hat was my first needle hat, ever. It called for dpns, but not having any, I opted for the magic loop method, worked out great, a little frustrating at the part where the leaves start and the berry ends, but overall, a fun little hat. I am making her a dress to match, but I can't show you that until Wednesday...I this was so much fun, I may have to make her some others, maybe in eggplant, and a brighter red for strawberry, and a blue for blueberry, the possibilities are endless, and it doesn't just have to be a berry, I am going to try carrots, and maybe even do some Easter eggs, and leave off the stem. But before I move on to those, I only have 1 set of needles for this, so I need to do one project at ta time. Here is the blog with the pattern: Randomstitches
Raveled here

In the world of Crochet, I used up some of the wonderful yarns from the Phat Fiber Sampler Box to make a couple of flower pins. Only 1 of them was satisfactory, so I frogged the other one.

This was crocheted with a size 7 hook, using "Ore" colorway from the Light Brown Hair.

I am now working on spinning some fibers, and making up some felt beads to make light weight stitch markers for lace work. Join me again on Wednesday for all of those projects in motion!


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