Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crooked little paths

Have you ever dreamed a dream and woke up with artistic inspiration?
I have been reading abook by Yasmine Galenorn about fairies, and their kin and friends (warning, she is a great author, just not kid appropriate.)

Anywho... Last night I dreamed I was wandering down a path in the middle of Smokey's land (Smokey is a dragon, but in this book, dragons can walk amongst the FBH-full blooded humans- as a humanoid form) it was dark, and the Moon Mother shone brightly. I noticed a shimmer on the path, and came to the conclusion that the path was being lit by the glow of moonstone pavers that lined their way down the middle of the path and into an open meadow, a meadow that housed the Moon Mothers coven. Preparing to battle for the safety of the FBHs, the Earthside supes, and the Earthside fae as well.

Anyways, this all brings me to my point.

I woke up wanting to crochet the path. Make a scarf out of that green earthly meandering set of pavers.

And so I will, and I will put the pattern up as soon as I figure out the logistics. I know it will be done in crochet, with a 'J' hook, and most likely a mix of pink and green boucle, but I will do a few sample blocks in acrylic for the blog.

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