Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog neglegence should be a punishable crime.

I am starting out my new years resolutions a little late, at least where my blog is concerned.

In an effort to be a better, more organized blogger, and to give myself some initiative to work on my posts, I have decided to take some steps towards a more regular blogging style.

Many blog I have seen work very well with their updates coming at regular intervals with themes, and so I find the need to follow suit.

Monday's will be Weekend Off Show and Tell, I know, not very creative, if you ahve any suggestions on the names of these, please let me know.

Tuesday, I have classes and will not be able to do much more than work on school stuff.

Wednesdays will be WIP Wednesday, where I will introduce my Works in Progress

Thursdays will be another class day.

Fridays will be weekend inspiration finds. This will be where I will compile a few images that fuel my inspiration for whatever I am making at the time. This will also be your chance to see many other blogs that I pull my own creativity from.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to add to the , please please please let me know!

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