Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ignorance about Terroists

I have a friend, she is a fellow Phat Fiber contributor. She is a wonderful artist, and a very supportive business friend. This week she has been the target of ignorance, accusations, and insult. All because of where she was born and raised. Galia of Galia Spindle Designs was the target of hateful behavior today because of what the Israeli Government and Military did yesterday with the raid on the Gaza Flotilla . Galia is neither involved in the government, or in the Military, she served her required time in the Military and has moved on to support her family. She is an independent artist who works hard to help support her loved crafts of spinning and knitting, and giving her family happiness. Today, she was banned from her forums on Ravlery because she posted a comment helping a knitter with a knitting problem. The moderator deleted her post, and banned her from the forum because of "her being a terrorist". Furthermore, there have been sale cancellations in her Etsy store because the customers "don't want to support" the terrorists.

This ignorance has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It is like telling a man who was born in a homeless shelter that he isn't allowed to buy a house or go to school because he was born poor. It doesn't sit well with me, and shouldn't with the rest of the world.

Do your part to help Galia, and other going through this situation because of their government.

You can find Galia's spindles and buttons here.

Let her and others like her know that the world isn't FULL of ignorance, stupidity and hate. Let her know that there are still some caring and intelligent people in this world left to support those of us who are just trying to make an honest living.