Thursday, December 31, 2009

1500 HITS

I just saw that my blog finally has 1500 hits, hubby points out that I should have done a post at 1000 hits, but I was kind of sleeping and it went from 975 one night to 1346 the next yah! Lol, anyways, thanks guys so much for keeping my blog going. Having only started it a few months ago, this is so cool! I'll keep the information and patterns, and creative ideas coming so long as you all are still reading!


Warm Winter Cowl

I have seen all these girls with beautiful cowls, and beautiful scarves, and nice warm hats, and I have always said "I will learn to make those...eventually"

Well, over the years I have mastered hats and scarves, and I finally, about a week ago, decided to attempt the ever elusive cowl...boy was it easy.

I used a single strand of Homespun in Montana Sky (I am addicted to Homespun, especially blue tones...mmmmmmmm...) and my yellow 41 peg KK loom. If you were making this for a child or petite teen you could use the green loom.

I made mine large so that I can have it hang around my neck as a scarf (sort of)...

or I could pull it up as a hood.

Some prefer it just as a scarf, in that case, I'd suggest 1 size small of a loom, Adults would want to use the green loom with 36 pegs, and child-teen sizes would use the red loom. If you are making this for a small child, I would still use the red loom, as the blue freaks me out, it is SO tiny...

Anyways, back to directions...

E-wrap the loom, and knit off in the round until your cowl measures 2 ft (for hood style) or about 1 ft for short style. Then bind off with stretchy bind off. (found here, or here)

I really hope you enjoy this, and I hope that you find lots of warmth in this project. I have found that the cowl is easier to work in, as there are not long tails of the scarf to dangle and get caught in things. (I am making one for my mum, she works with furniture, and it would end badly if she got caught on a dresser by the neck.)

Peace Out!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Found a UFO, now to convert it to an FO

Here is a blanket my hubby and I started (he picked the yarn background color) I am calling it my stashbuster blanket.

We started it last Feb. I am going to add one more column of mixed colors, and send it off to a teen mother in need. This blanket is very wamr and soft. would be a good play mat if not used for a blanket.

Here it is!

I used the yellow long KK and knitted about 3 ft, I wasn't too terribly picky on exact stitch counts. I am adding a black boarder to tie in the colors, then sending it off. I know it isn't pastels, but bright colors and contrast can be fun too.

Newest Idle Project

Everyone I know has some project that they use, just to keep their hands busy. Something that isn't complicated, and doesn't require a lot of concentration. The kind of thing you take to a doctor's appointment, or when you have to go to the DMV. I have started a new project, seeing as I have completed almost all of my late gifts. I am going to make up some baby blankets out of "gauge swatches" Ok, so not really gauge swatches, but the same size. I am doing a patchwork blanket out of scrap yarn. I am crocheting 6 in x 7 in rectangles of different colors. I am using a K hook so that it will be warm, but not heavy, and it crochets up faster too. I am using super saver for the project, and might back the final project with a micro fleece or cotton.

Here is my design. the colors are going to be changed, this is just a template.

I will update you on my progress. and I hope that I can finish the first one by Easter, I am hoping to donate it to the FAN (Family Access Network) to go to a teen parent in need.

Yes, this is along with all of my other goals.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

So...Boxing Day!

Okay, so American version???fighting crowd in the Wal-mart to make exchanges and return the ugly stuff your family bought you. Not that my family bought me anything ugly, or anything at all. But that is perfectly fine because we gave to charity instead. I love Karmic Christmas! It's a family tradition!

So now, for my goals before the 1st! I want to have my house clean and organized to start out the new year.

Here are the steps I am taking.

Hubby didn't have to work tonight, so we started our list tonight.

1. Fix the dryer so I have access to my back door again.--Done
2. Organize my yarn into boxes and put on shelves in the back section of the garage (my fiber work studio)
3. Claim back my work table in the garage (beading and decoupage)
4. Put all completed projects into plastic totes for storage until they are sold online or taken to craft shows--Done
5. Set up book case in office with ALL of my books and binders--Done
6. Organize rat accessories and new cage onto new stand in Office--Almost Done
7. Set up reading corner for office
8. Clear out old clothes into boxes for Goodwill and Homeless shelters
9. Build padded bench out of old coffee table for extra seating
10. Shampoo carpets-- Done
11. Mop kitchen, bathroom and dining room floors--Done
12. Catch up on ALL laundry and Dishes--Done
13. catch up on our bills so that we can get ahead with our financial aid for school.--Done
14. clean out all old food from fridge so that we can get a full pantry when we go shopping the beginning of the next month.--Done
15. Move Large work desk into office to replace the very small desk I currently have in there.

After the 1st of the year, I will be replacing hubby's desk with one like mine, they will come to meet in the middle of the back wall in the office, I can put a slab of decorative wood or marble (imitation) between the ends to make a solid piece, so we can share the printer.

As for Holiday gifts, I should have taken pictures before I gave them, but I was silly and wrapped them before I took pics, and then forgot the camera on Christmas.

Aunt Holly= Blue/gray homespun long cowl (loom knit)
Aunt Robin= Red/burgundy rib stitch hat (loom knit)
Mom-in-law Sandy= Denim scarf (loom knit)
Cousin Haley= Blue block scarf (loom knit)
Cousin Jenni= Purple block scarf (loom knit)
Cousin Kindle= Green and White scarf (crochet)
Cousin Skyler= Camo and black hat (loom knit)
Cousin Robert= Blue and gray hat (loom knit)
Cousin John= Back and blue hat (loom knit)
Cousin Stephen= Blue multi-colored hat (loom knit)
Cousin Gabe= Red and black hat (loom knit)
2nd Cousin Noah= Blue and orange hat (loom knit)

Sister Shelly= Blue black and turquoise scarf (crochet)
Sister Shadow= Blue and brown hat (loom knit)
Mom Rita= white and pastel scarf (loom knit), painting (acrylic on cotton fabric framed with embroidery hoop) fuzzy socks (store bought)
Niece Brooklin= twin size blanket in black and blue with white polka-dots (sewn)
Nephew's girlfriend Haily= blue and turquoise scarf (crochet)

Still need to make (late gifts)
Cousin Jamie= blue scarf (crochet)
2nd Cousin Jacob= blue and black striped hat (loom knit)
2nd cousin Josh= turqoise and black striped hat (loom knit)
Cousin KaSondra= scarf in pink and black (crochet)
Dad Ken= Orange and camo hat (loom knit)

As for me... for Christmas I got:

The Harry Potter box set with the first 5 movies, Fuzzy snowflake pajamas, and leather slippers lined with fuzzies from Hubby.
A plug in griddle from Mom and Dad
A TON of bead from my sister Shelly.

The rest of the family donated to charity or cooked for the holidays.
I had a very good holiday, and I hope that everyone else did too!

Now maybe as I finish my to do list regarding crafts, I'll remember to post pics. until I get them finished... Have a great night.

Also, I am making a cowl for myself. I gave away all my warm scarves and cowls for Christmas gifts. Hmm... yay...more crafting for me!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Some projects finished!

I have been promising it for a few weeks, and I keep putting it off, and putting it off, but here it is...Finally some finished projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooklin's Christmas Blanket. I had been working on this for almost ayear for myself, finished it and decided to gift it!

Here is a hand knit bulky scarf in some of the SOFTEST yarn I have found. It is for my cousin-in-law, Haley. She loves Blue.

This one is going to my friend Tiffany. The colors just reminded me of her fun style, so When I finished it, I wore it a few times, and decided that it fit her better.

Do you remember the secret Santa family I adopted with my in-laws?

This is what I made them (silly me, I forgot to take picks before I wrapped everything...)

In each of the large boxes is a coloring book and a handmade fleece tie blanket. In each small box is a fairy doll for the two oldest girls (Jazmyn,8 and Lida, 5). In each stocking, there is a handmade hat/scarf set, a box of crayons, Lifesavers "Santa's Book" package, 2 snowman marshmallows, a pencil, a candy cane, and in the littlest girls Pink stocking there is a bunny rabbit (youngest is 2)

Wish I had taken pics before I wrapped it all and gave it to Holly to take to the family. But now I have the rest of my WIP list to work through! I really wish I had more hands...


Monday, December 14, 2009

Not really crafty, but helpful

I have been trying and trying and only slightly succeeding to find a budget to try and get out of debt and start a business.

Last night I built a website for my brain child of a business. Hopefully it will be a good start. Hopefully I have something here and can eventually make it a real live physical store! not just an online one.

So here it is, without further ado... Lilypad Little Ones!

In other news, I figured out my families debt...down to the last penny, and I am shocked at how much we have accumulated through school, medical emergencies, car breaking down...over and over again, and reckless spending!

And to counter it, I plotted a budget, one that allows me to put a little into saving for emergencies and still slowly but surely pay off all my debts along side of the monthly bills that come every month regardless of how much I pay them. With any luck, or any prayer, We will be able to save up enough in our account to take a REAL honeymoon in 2011. and buy new furniture, and maybe even get a decent car. or two (right now I have to drive hubby to work very night.)

Also, in potentially good news: might be getting a new part time job to buffer the state pay I am getting in school. Hubby took my resume to his boss last night (I would have done it but it's a bar and I'm not old enough) And with it, I attached a copy of the Oregon Liquor Control Commissions rules on employing minors, as well as the regulation on allowing minor patrols if they are with a spouse of age.

In addition to these advancements to my financial well-being, I have started using household scraps much more frugally to save money in the places I can so that I can buy quality products for my shop where I can't afford to skimp. Also, I have added more products to my Etsy Store. You can click on the pictures to the left of this post to link to the store.

And with that, I must head to bed. My head is pounding from all the accounting thinking.

Peace Out!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Craft fair sucks, but Etsy took off!

So the 3 day craft sale got me -25.00 Thats right, negative numbers. I actually lost money at the fair. And now I have a TON of stocking stuffers and knitted items that are crowding up my living room...however, on the up I have stocking stuffers for the family my in-laws, husband, and I adopted for a Secret Santa Holiday charity. The family has 3 little girls, and my husband and I volunteered to do the stockings. Not just to stuff the stockings, but I am actually making them... I chose some great brightly colored flannel for the stockings in pink, purple, and turquoise. Each stocking has a matching blanket in the same color. Inside each stocking we are putting some hot cocoa with candy canes, a scarf/hat set, and some coloring books and crayons. they liek disney characters, but not sure which ones, so we went with plan colors. I am putting the 1st letter of each girls name on their stockings.

The first hat and scarf set is made with Redheart White Fiesta and a blue/purple variegated. I am almost done with the scarf, the hat is already done.

The second is turquoise and lavender, and the second will be lavender and tan. The hats for each set are already done.

I'll post pictures as soon as they are finished.

Also, I was "Sneak Attack"ed by Winemakerssister on my Etsy store, every two days (or so) the HandmadeMovement does a sneak attack on an Etsy store with few or no sales. When they host an attack, several people (those who read the blog regularly) got at a designated time and purchase as many ro as few items as they want from the chosen stores. This causes a very exciting sales rush for the this case me. This could not have come at a better time. I was about to loose my water, propane, and electric this week, I could pay one other the other, but not all. The sales this week on my Etsy shop have allowed me to pay them all. This was a great thing to happen, and now I want to share to help other store owners like myself. So please, go check out th HandmadeMovement and be a part of something great.

Also, due to the huge number of sales (10 in under 2 hours) I have had to restock my store, so go check out all the new stuff...I put up nearly 15 new stitch markers, and in the next few days, I'll be putting up some of my jewelry and knitwear.

In Skein Designs (this is my Etsy store!)

Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today is the start of a new...adventure!

Today marks my first craft fair. Many of my ideas and inspiration came from Kerry's blog but they have my own...flair!

I learned about the fair about 3 days ago, and ahve not slept for lack of time to finish, I even got my husband in on the crafty fun!

I'll post pics and tell you how I did for my very first craft fair. If you are in the area of Central Oregon this weekend, make sure to stop by! Terrebonne Grange Hall, 9-4 Thursday - Saturday