Monday, December 14, 2009

Not really crafty, but helpful

I have been trying and trying and only slightly succeeding to find a budget to try and get out of debt and start a business.

Last night I built a website for my brain child of a business. Hopefully it will be a good start. Hopefully I have something here and can eventually make it a real live physical store! not just an online one.

So here it is, without further ado... Lilypad Little Ones!

In other news, I figured out my families debt...down to the last penny, and I am shocked at how much we have accumulated through school, medical emergencies, car breaking down...over and over again, and reckless spending!

And to counter it, I plotted a budget, one that allows me to put a little into saving for emergencies and still slowly but surely pay off all my debts along side of the monthly bills that come every month regardless of how much I pay them. With any luck, or any prayer, We will be able to save up enough in our account to take a REAL honeymoon in 2011. and buy new furniture, and maybe even get a decent car. or two (right now I have to drive hubby to work very night.)

Also, in potentially good news: might be getting a new part time job to buffer the state pay I am getting in school. Hubby took my resume to his boss last night (I would have done it but it's a bar and I'm not old enough) And with it, I attached a copy of the Oregon Liquor Control Commissions rules on employing minors, as well as the regulation on allowing minor patrols if they are with a spouse of age.

In addition to these advancements to my financial well-being, I have started using household scraps much more frugally to save money in the places I can so that I can buy quality products for my shop where I can't afford to skimp. Also, I have added more products to my Etsy Store. You can click on the pictures to the left of this post to link to the store.

And with that, I must head to bed. My head is pounding from all the accounting thinking.

Peace Out!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Congratulations on figuring out that debt is a bad thing very early on. I really recommend starting with your smallest debt and paying them off smallest to largest. That way you really feel like you are doing something and are motivated to keep going.

  2. That is exactly what we are doing. Smallest to largest, and then increasing our payment to the larger bills once we pay off the smaller ones.