Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warm Winter Cowl

I have seen all these girls with beautiful cowls, and beautiful scarves, and nice warm hats, and I have always said "I will learn to make those...eventually"

Well, over the years I have mastered hats and scarves, and I finally, about a week ago, decided to attempt the ever elusive cowl...boy was it easy.

I used a single strand of Homespun in Montana Sky (I am addicted to Homespun, especially blue tones...mmmmmmmm...) and my yellow 41 peg KK loom. If you were making this for a child or petite teen you could use the green loom.

I made mine large so that I can have it hang around my neck as a scarf (sort of)...

or I could pull it up as a hood.

Some prefer it just as a scarf, in that case, I'd suggest 1 size small of a loom, Adults would want to use the green loom with 36 pegs, and child-teen sizes would use the red loom. If you are making this for a small child, I would still use the red loom, as the blue freaks me out, it is SO tiny...

Anyways, back to directions...

E-wrap the loom, and knit off in the round until your cowl measures 2 ft (for hood style) or about 1 ft for short style. Then bind off with stretchy bind off. (found here, or here)

I really hope you enjoy this, and I hope that you find lots of warmth in this project. I have found that the cowl is easier to work in, as there are not long tails of the scarf to dangle and get caught in things. (I am making one for my mum, she works with furniture, and it would end badly if she got caught on a dresser by the neck.)

Peace Out!


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  1. Great job, the blue looks nice on you. I like my cowl too.