Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Newest Idle Project

Everyone I know has some project that they use, just to keep their hands busy. Something that isn't complicated, and doesn't require a lot of concentration. The kind of thing you take to a doctor's appointment, or when you have to go to the DMV. I have started a new project, seeing as I have completed almost all of my late gifts. I am going to make up some baby blankets out of "gauge swatches" Ok, so not really gauge swatches, but the same size. I am doing a patchwork blanket out of scrap yarn. I am crocheting 6 in x 7 in rectangles of different colors. I am using a K hook so that it will be warm, but not heavy, and it crochets up faster too. I am using super saver for the project, and might back the final project with a micro fleece or cotton.

Here is my design. the colors are going to be changed, this is just a template.

I will update you on my progress. and I hope that I can finish the first one by Easter, I am hoping to donate it to the FAN (Family Access Network) to go to a teen parent in need.

Yes, this is along with all of my other goals.

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