Friday, December 18, 2009

Some projects finished!

I have been promising it for a few weeks, and I keep putting it off, and putting it off, but here it is...Finally some finished projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooklin's Christmas Blanket. I had been working on this for almost ayear for myself, finished it and decided to gift it!

Here is a hand knit bulky scarf in some of the SOFTEST yarn I have found. It is for my cousin-in-law, Haley. She loves Blue.

This one is going to my friend Tiffany. The colors just reminded me of her fun style, so When I finished it, I wore it a few times, and decided that it fit her better.

Do you remember the secret Santa family I adopted with my in-laws?

This is what I made them (silly me, I forgot to take picks before I wrapped everything...)

In each of the large boxes is a coloring book and a handmade fleece tie blanket. In each small box is a fairy doll for the two oldest girls (Jazmyn,8 and Lida, 5). In each stocking, there is a handmade hat/scarf set, a box of crayons, Lifesavers "Santa's Book" package, 2 snowman marshmallows, a pencil, a candy cane, and in the littlest girls Pink stocking there is a bunny rabbit (youngest is 2)

Wish I had taken pics before I wrapped it all and gave it to Holly to take to the family. But now I have the rest of my WIP list to work through! I really wish I had more hands...


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