Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Craft fair sucks, but Etsy took off!

So the 3 day craft sale got me -25.00 Thats right, negative numbers. I actually lost money at the fair. And now I have a TON of stocking stuffers and knitted items that are crowding up my living room...however, on the up I have stocking stuffers for the family my in-laws, husband, and I adopted for a Secret Santa Holiday charity. The family has 3 little girls, and my husband and I volunteered to do the stockings. Not just to stuff the stockings, but I am actually making them... I chose some great brightly colored flannel for the stockings in pink, purple, and turquoise. Each stocking has a matching blanket in the same color. Inside each stocking we are putting some hot cocoa with candy canes, a scarf/hat set, and some coloring books and crayons. they liek disney characters, but not sure which ones, so we went with plan colors. I am putting the 1st letter of each girls name on their stockings.

The first hat and scarf set is made with Redheart White Fiesta and a blue/purple variegated. I am almost done with the scarf, the hat is already done.

The second is turquoise and lavender, and the second will be lavender and tan. The hats for each set are already done.

I'll post pictures as soon as they are finished.

Also, I was "Sneak Attack"ed by Winemakerssister on my Etsy store, every two days (or so) the HandmadeMovement does a sneak attack on an Etsy store with few or no sales. When they host an attack, several people (those who read the blog regularly) got at a designated time and purchase as many ro as few items as they want from the chosen stores. This causes a very exciting sales rush for the this case me. This could not have come at a better time. I was about to loose my water, propane, and electric this week, I could pay one other the other, but not all. The sales this week on my Etsy shop have allowed me to pay them all. This was a great thing to happen, and now I want to share to help other store owners like myself. So please, go check out th HandmadeMovement and be a part of something great.

Also, due to the huge number of sales (10 in under 2 hours) I have had to restock my store, so go check out all the new stuff...I put up nearly 15 new stitch markers, and in the next few days, I'll be putting up some of my jewelry and knitwear.

In Skein Designs (this is my Etsy store!)

Hope you have a great week!

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