Friday, November 6, 2009

New projects on the horizon...

In light of my dear mum's birthday, I have decided to take on that new and scary world of socks! Having never knitted socks, nor managed to finish a crochet pattern for socks in the past, I am hoping that a single pair of loom knit tube socks will not prove too evasive for my patience.

Now, lets get a sense of who I am crafting for. My dear mum is a very hard working woman. She owns a furniture and antique store in a small farm town in Central Oregon. She lives in a small home with a wood stove, and no electric or propane heat. If you know anything about Oregon winters, you'll know they are erratically random. One winter, you will see inversions where the temperature on the mountain is higher than down in town, and others where you only get 3 or 4 snowfalls the entire winter.

Likewise, if you have ever had a severe injury, or surgery on a joint or major limb, you will know that cold weather is not the greatest thing for the pain. My mom has had more than a dozen knee surgeries, and coming up on half a dozen foot surgeries. Last winter, temps fell below 5* F at night, and only rose as high as 30*F on some days. At the time, My husband and I were living with my mom on her property in a 5th wheel camp trailer. I understand only a fraction of how the temps can effect previous injuries (having only had 1 surgery and none of my sprains, breaks, or fractures can even compare to hers).

I have started my loom knit tube socks on the Knifty Knitter Blue 24 peg loom with double strand of Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Lagoon and Waterfall.

So...with the pattern, here we go!

Cast on with what you feel comfortable with, I have chosen the e-wrap cast on.

Row 1-10: E-wrap around
Row 11: Bring bottom loops up (As if making a brim) and knit over
Row 12-35: e-wrap
Row 36: bind off with gathered cast-off method, if you choose (too lessen the bulk at the toes) move every other loop to its neighboring peg and knit off before gathering.

This is made much like a very TALL hat.

Pictures will be posted as soon as I finish them...but I keep getting distracted, good thing I have 2 of that size loom, right?

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