Friday, October 30, 2009

Insomniac creations attack

It is nearly 3 am Pacific Time, and I can not sleep. I had a spark of inspiration, and can not break it down. so, here I am, blogging the process as I develop it.

Planned project: Loom knitted angel with wire beaded halo, and ribbon wings.

My husband just pointed out that I kinda have to start the knitting part of it to finish the angel, blogging won't get her done. So, off to knit!

KK Flower loom (with pegs firmly in place)
Knitting hook of your choice
Homespun in Waterfall (or color of your choice)
1/2 to 3/4 in false pearls
wire earring hoops
white or silver small gauge beads
silver, white, or light blue transparent wired ribbon
small amount of polyfil or other stuffing of choice
small amount of fishing line
small amount of contrasting ribbon or yarn to accent the angel
small amount of sewing thread or beading string and small needle
hot glue and glue gun
tapestry needle
a glass of wine (or preferred crafting drink)
Some music, or TV or company to keep your mind working.

Currently drinking I am drinking hot tea, listening to husband writing a book and rats try to become acrobats.

1. Using 2 strands as 1 throughout, e-wrap cast on all pegs.
2. E-wrap knit for 3 inches.
3. When you reach 3 inches, weave the small length of ribbon or yarn through her stitches (the rows of stitches, the vertical ones)weave around twice so that there is no row without ribbon on the outside. DO NOT tie this off yet, just leave it be.

4. E-wrap another 1.5 in. of knit
5. Bind of with the gather method. Pull yarn inside and weave in ends.

6. Turn up-side-down, and push a small amount of the filling into the top, cinch up the ribbon so that it is tight and tie a decorative bow, or leave hanging down the back.

7. Now, set your angel body aside. Grab up your earring hoops and white or silver beads. Put as many beads onto the hoop as you can while still being able to clamp them closed.
8. Grab up your wired ribbon. Cut about 12-15 in of ribbon (yes you will need this much).
9. Fold both ends into the center, running stitch this connection point to the center of the ribbon.

10. Cinch up the wings and sew them to the back of your angel.

Intermission, just making sure we are on the same page, if your angel has a hard time standing, pull at her skirt a bit to bell out the shape, it will begin to curl up naturally.

Are we good? Great…

11. Using your hot glue, glue a pearl onto the top of your angel body.
12. Glue on the halo behind the head and clean up your glue strings

If you choose to keep her as a table decoration, leave her as she is, if you want her as an ornament; tie a length of fishing line or beading string just above the wings. You could even glue her skirt to a small round mirror to give her a firmer base to stand on.

Hope you enjoy!

This is my own design and is not to be used for sale. You may use this pattern for your own use in teaching or decorating and for church events and charity.

Oh, and please leave comments, I'd love to hear what you think.

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