Friday, October 23, 2009

In honor of Missy

I had started knitting to make Missy chemo caps to keep her head warm during treatment. She asked me to teach her to knit when she got better. When she knew she wasn't getting any better, she asked me to knit for her friends at the hospital and the homeless folks that didn't have caring families like hers. I never got the chance to teach her to knit, so I am donating my time and talents for her to our local VA. I have donated 3 hats so far (forgot to take pictures) and plan on taking another 6 or 7 on Monday. I told her while she was lying on her death bed (I do not know if she could hear me or not) that I would donate at least a dozen to the homeless every year in her name. She was such a loving young girl. Her heart went into everything.

Here are a few of the Hats I am donating next week.

I plan on making about 10 more, but will donate them closer to Christmas. It is time soon to start of family gifts. Also, I got my roommate, Tom, to start knitting. more on that soon. Love ya Missy, never forgotten.

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