Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knit it up tag givaway!

So, as a new member of the Phatfiber Sampler Box, I was perusing their blog and found this wonderful little granted, I do not spin...yet...this was very incising, as the store they reference (the sponsoring store, which it giving away the prize) has SOOOOOOO many wonderful roving (both naked and dyed) and batts for spinning and already handspun yarns...and charming, if but a bit sarcastic, gift tags for those Christmas gifts this year.

So please check it out... you won't regret it...

PhatFiber's Knit it up giveaway!

again, even if you do not participate in the contest, at least check out the fibers on this etsy store and the blog site.


Have a good day!

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