Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more stitch markers

I have continued with the beading inspirations to create several more stitch markers.

I have here another 11 sets with more on the way. I splurged last week and bought 1.5 pounds of new beads...I know bad me, I should be buying yarn...but this still has much to do with knitting.

The set above is called "Garden Leaves" and is made from naturally shaped glass accent beads, and reclaimed glass leaf shaped beads, and is secured with crimp beads. They are strung on beading cord, and can be used on any looms, or needles up to...well, I'm not sure what gague, but larger than 13's I know (KK Looms are 13 gauge).

This set is called "Garden Ladies" and is accented with little lady bug charms at the end of each marker. You will notice that many of these marker sets have one that is different from the rest, this is a marker designs to mark the beginning of a row, as opposed to the beginning of a pattern stitch set or other uses.
I wasn't sure what to call this picture, so I settled with "Cranberries", as my husband said they made him crave cranberries when he saw them.

This set picked up the name "Cobalt and Granite", the beads (while not made from cobalt or granite) reminded me of these colors. The blue beads were salvaged from an empowerment bracelet I got (and promptly broke) as a kid.

These markers earned the name of "Clouded Skies", they held the same colors as the sky around my house a few days ago as I tried to watch the sun rise, but got only darkness and clouds. But is was beautiful and inspiring. These are set on hard rings rather than a string loop, and are made from a wire wrapping technique that I learned in college. they are secured to the rings by use of jump rings.
These markers I chose to call "Amber", not only because of the colors, but because they were made from beads that I inherited from my cousin Amber. When she gave up beading in exchange for working full time, she gave me some of her beads, these were a set she had given me to tie into hemp purse handles, but then stopped carrying purses. And so, here they are.

This set is called "Tiger Stripes" and is called such because the plastic beads I chose to use resemble the fur patterns of a Bengal Tiger, the offset bead (Row start marker) is made using a bead that looks like green marble, it reminded me of the deepness of a tigers eye.

These are the "Splash of Color" set, mounted on hard rings, they are best if used on looms or on large gauge needles. They are made from plastic accent spacer beads, with a focal empowerment bead in clear glass, with splashes of melted glass in various colors.

These markers are interesting, They are made from a semiprecious stone of some sort. I reclaimed them from a broken necklace and earring set my mom had found. I think that they might be rose quartz, but am not positive. The one thing I know is that they are beautiful. Mounted on large hard plastic rings, these are best used with a large gauge loom or needles.

This set looks like blue and green marbles, they are accented with white tossed glass beads, and speak a lot for themselves in the rights of their beauty. Yes, they are made from plastic, but are very durable.

Here is a packaged view of "Garden Leaves".

This set, similar to the "Garden Ladies" and "Garden Leaves" was made from the same bead set. These are my longest set measuring to approx. 1.25 in. from loop knot to end. They are made with glass beads in faceted green and white spacers.

A tutorial will follow shortly (With pictures)

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