Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ocean Guardian Market Bag Pattern

In March, Phat Fiber did a box for the Elements.

I contributed stitch markers, and a crochet pattern for a simple market bag, that reminded me of the ocean.

I have had several requests for the pattern, but I can not get my PDF writer to work, so as a special for those who have asked, and those that didn't even know about it, here is the pattern.

This tote is crocheted with a large hook, and soft durable cotton. Gauge is not important.


· 1 ball of your favorite cotton (Lily: Sugars and Cream used in sample)

· Size J hook

· Large button

· Wooden beads for drawstring (optional)


You will be working in the round, make sure not to twist work as you crochet.

Stitches used:

Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Half Double Crochet (hdc), Double Crochet (dc), Slip Stitch (sl), Treble Stitch (tbc)

Skill level: Easy

Ch 4, sl in 4th ch from hook to create loop. Ch 2 (counts as first dc, now and throughout)

Row 1: dc 11 time in loop, sl in top chain of first ch 2

Row 2: ch 2, 2 dc in each stitch around, sl in top stitch of first ch 2

Row 3: ch 2, *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next* repeat from *, sl in top stitch of previous ch 2

Row 4: ch 2, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in each of the next 2 dc* repeat from *, sl in top stitch of previous ch 2

Row 5: ch 2, *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in each of the next 3 dc* repeat from *, sl in top stitch of previous ch 2

Row 6: *Ch 4, sc in 3rd dc from hook* repeat from * around, at end of round, chain 4 and connect with sc in loop formed by first ch 4.

Row 7-15: *ch 4, sc in next loop*

Row 16: *4 hdc in each loop of ch 4* repeat from * around, sl in first dc of this round, bind off hook and weave in ends

For handle/drawstring:

Ch 4, sl in 4th ch from hook to form ring.

Row 1: 10 sc in ring, sl in 1st sc

Row 2: *Ch 3, sc in 2nd sc* repeat from to end of round

Row 3: (1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 tbc, 1 ch, 1 tcl, 1 dbl, 1 hdc, 1 sc) in each loop formed by ch 3, sl in 1st sc

Drawstring: Ch 50, tie off, feed through holes created between sections in the dc of round 16, weaving back and forth.

Feed this end through middle of flower formed by rows 1-3 of drawstring instructions.

String on button, you can leave it like this or tie on several wooden beads (you can make several short 15 stitch chains and tie them to the end tied to the button with beads on them) (Make sure button is large enough to not slip through flower center.)

Note: This is not a HUGE bag, it is shown holding 2 balls of wool and a ball of vanity yarn, a good travel project bag. Great for taking a knitting project to the beach.

To make larger, add more rounds in the base and in the mesh. (you will need an extra ball of yarn)

Please note,

Written by Echo Mayernik of In-skein Designs (copyright 2010)

Please do not use the pattern for sale items, or represent it as your own.

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