Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soap Sacks and DRTY Soap products: a pattern and a review.

I havent kept my end of the bargin, I havent posted each week. but, I have been moving and working, so you should give me some slack.

In a plea of bloggy forgiveness, I present you a pattern... does that work for you?

I have a friend, her name is Mindy, and she owns her own Soap Company. I have a lot of friends who own soap companies, but lately, I have been LOVING Mindy's DRTY SOAP. She has a great selection, and great prices, and her soap is SO nice. Hubby wants me to get a whole loaf for his deployment kit if he ends up going National Guard.

Here is a look at some of her soaps:

This is my favorite!

MMM Pumpkin Vanilla!

These soaps hold up such WONDERFUL scents and lather so well. I had to make a soap sack just so I could use this soap instead of a body wash and a loofah in the shower.. I love this!

Are you getting my direction?

Here is the soap sack pattern I created. Really simple, SUPER quick, and a great gift... 

I'll post up some photos when I get home, posting now from campus. 

Starting with your favorite cotton in worsted weight and a size J hook
Foundation row: chain 11, sc in 2nd chain from hook, *skip 1 chain, dbl and sc in the next chain* to end, do not turn, round end of chain, and continue in same pattern between the ** up the other side. you do not have to mark the beginning of the round, just move straight to the top chain of the first sc, *dbl, and sc in the next ch, skip 1* and repeat continue this until you have a sack that will fit your soap. Put this aside.

Now, with another color, or the other end of your skein, chain about 30-35 stitches, connect the ends with whatever method you'd like, tie it, or slip stitch it, whatever you feel comfortable with and cut it off. You should have loop of chain stitch that is large enough to act as a drawstring on your soap sack.

Now, here is the tricky part, pick up the sack part and get ready to crochet, continuing the dbl, sc skip pattern, lay the loop of chains on top of the stitches you are working into, caging the yarn loop into the stitch. finish 1 round and ties off, weave in ends, there should be a loop of yarn that was too long for the sack itself, this is your hang space. You are finished, slide in your DRTY SOAP or other favorite brand and enjoy, when you run out of soap, toss this in the washing machine to wash out the scent, and refill it with a new scent!


  1. Totally love handmade soaps and personalized sack is just a great way to keep them in use, frequently. Glad you're still creating/playing :D

  2. YIKES, sorry about the car wreck. Good thing you came out okay, Echo. I had hubby doing all the driving this morning as I am not confident I can manage with the slippery slopes. Stay warm and knit on :D