Sunday, January 2, 2011

School starts tomorrow, so the only thing to do is cookies!

The title says a lot...

The picture says more!

Couldn't find a recipe that did what I wanted, so I combined 2 ideas.

 Shortbread cookie press cookies: Found here at All Recipes

And these:

Thumbprint Shortbread cookies: also found at All Recipes!

Since neither did what I wanted, I went with the first shortbread recipe, but instead of using my cookie press (I can't find the tips) I used a decorating bag and tip (large star tip) and then filled the indents made from the tip with jellies (like in the second recipe).

I did half the batch in Orange Danish Spread, and the other half in Berry Jalapeno Jelly made by Justy's Jellies here in the local area. 

Will let you know what the world (my hubby and friends from school) think of the hybridization of 2 untested recipes!

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  1. But they look so scrumptious. I'll bet they are delicious :D