Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gifts to a dear friend

are always the best kind, and even more so when they are handmade.

My friend Kristi is expecting her first child, (and she says only child), on Halloween. She and I drifted apart through my attending college and her starting a family, but came back together during this joyous time in her life.

She is expecting a little girl, so I did what I do best...I started crafting!

 Here is the score:

 6 burp cloths, hand-sewn, 4 matching blanket, 2 accenting blanket
 1 sewn blanket at 45 in x 48 in, Flannel on 1 side, and quilted pink plaid on the other.

 1 store bought jumpsuit, and 1 handmade card...
1 Crochet granny square blanket in Sensations Boucle Pink

Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the card and the blanket in detail before I gifted it, but I might yet get pics of baby Lily wrapped up in it all.


  1. Very nice. I love baby blankets from granny squares.

  2. Hi Echo,
    Thank you so much for visiting me, it's a pleasure to meet you!..I loved seeing what you have created.You are very talented and creative. I also see that you are a photographer..You hold many lovely talents...
    I look forward to visiting again.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth