Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Finish Offs!

So, another weekend has gone by us, as it was a holiday weekend...we had a lot going on. Saturday, I was able to give little Brooklin her shirt and hat, unfortunately, she is growing so fast, that it ended up being clothes for her baby dolls...I guess they are still a great gift.

I also finished my spring flower inspired hat.

We call her the "Daisy Jane" and she has been reveled here, but the pattern is not yet available. I will be posting the pattern here in a day or two. Before I had even finished weaving in the ends, I got a request to make another for a friend, in exchange for coffee and a few bucks for the yarn.

I whipped up this one last night while watching season 1 of Battlestar Galactica...again.

The one on the left is Daisy Jane, the original, I am calling the second one Frosty Spring. The flowers are just starting to bud, so everything here is in tones of green, with a bit of frosted dew clinging to them every morning. That was the inspiration for that one.

Got some more spinning done, but you already know hoe that looks, maybe next week I'll have a finished skein to show you...

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