Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BLANKETS! So many blankets!

So I have been on a blanket kick, since I decided that I was doing the local farmers market for my baby stuff. So I have been crafting blankets like crazy to put in a portfolio.

Here is the competed set that I made for the owner of hubby and my fave Vietnamese diner.

It is crocheted with a size J hook, in a standard granny square. I used less than 1 skein of each color in Bernat Baby Coordinates, 5 rows of each color per stripe. If anyone wants the actually stitch numbers and specifics on the granny square, I'd be happy to post them later.

Here is a blanket that I was commissioned to make for a friends nephew-to-be, Hunter.

It is done in granny squares as well. This was done in Sensations Rainbow Boucle Patterns in Green/Cream Rainbow. It was made up of 20 7 in granny squares. Crocheted with a J hook, with 6 rows in the granny square stitch pattern.

This last blanket, done in Sensations Rainbow Boucle Tonal yarn is not for anyone in particular. It is actually for my Etsy store, and if I do not sell it there, I'll put it up in a set at Saturday market.

Now that I have gotten to blogging again, I remembered why I have been so quite, I have way TOO much going on. I just burnt dinner because I forgot I was cooking. I started blogging again, and it slipped my mind. Guess I should go take care of that.

See ya later!

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