Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long time WIP...and money suck.'

This is a photo of my newest project.

His name is Beau, and he is a 1970 F100 Ranger XLT, 360 V8 with a manual 4 speed.

Hubby and I picked it up for $200.00 with some mechanical work that needed to be done.

When our Buick finally went, rest her...treads...(she is now retired)...we gave ourselves a $600 budget for a replacement vehicle.

Mom bought us the truck because she and my dad took over the resto process of my old '59 Ford Flatbed without including me, and felt bad about it.

So that gives us $600.00 to fix him up and get him into running shape.

Now, the work that has to be done:
Back end has locked up, might be brakes, might be rear differential.... if it is the brakes, the cost is $100-150 and 3-4 hours to rebuild the system...if it is the rear differential it would be $250 and a has the rear end from a '72 that they found, I can get it for $100.00 and a weekend of work.

Bumper, Hood, and grille replacement...all part have been located, estimated at $150.00 for all three. Then just the time to fix it.

After that, we need to replace all the gaskets and seals in the engine, replace weather stripping in the back window and the aftermarket sunroof (have you ever had a pickup with a sunroof?).

Then the painting fun begins. He has a bit of surface rust, need to sand it down, primer it and epoxy the paint to seal it until we can take it to a pro paint shop NEXT summer.

We are doing all the metal bits we can in the engine compartment in high heat Ford Racing Blue engine paint, all the tubing, pipes, or hoses will be in shiney braided steel cord, and the body will be in a deep ford racing blue as well. We are restoring the chrome, and getting a picture of an English Setter, or a Brittany Spaniel and a couple of bird hunting shotguns crossed painted on the tailgate with the name Beau.

My former neighbor had a catahoula cur named Beau boy Blue that was as loyal and faithful to his owners and friends as a blind man is to his stick. He was the best huntin' dog I ever worked with, and he was finally put down a few years ago when he couldn't see well enough to find his way in the house any more. He was 15. He had gotten his name because of his left eye, which was blue on top and brown on the bottom.

Being an older model truck, there are no computers to deal with, no conserving space in the engine compartment, so to do an oil change you have to take off the tire...he isn't going to tell you any lies, and he will be with you as long as you want him around so long as you take care of him. Strong, loyal, faithful, and honest, just like of boy Beau...

Can you tell I am both a car/truck person, and a dog person?

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  1. I know you are talented but this makes your 100% certified jack of all trade. I can only imagine how handsome Beau would be soon after a makeover :D